FBD Filter Bags

Fluidized bed filter bag is made of different type of superior quality of fabrics, as per requirement of material involving in drying. Manufacturing of FBD finger bag depend on require factor like retention of micron, static change and air permeability.FBD finger bags are cost efficient and durable, as those manufacture according to specification and are regularly tested to meet standard quality.FBD finger bag have finger like structure to increase their surface area and efficiency. Drying process in FBD depends upon the MOC of filter bags. Finger bags are constructed by combination of antistatic polymer, nylon fabric and cotton fabric.

  • Filtration of toxic Gas with high content of polluting metallic elements.
  • Low temperature, High dust load applications
  • Fuel gas from coal-fired boilers in power plants
  • Filtration of high temperature up to 400°C or more
  • Filtration of corrosive and other chemically active dust.
  • Dust capture from solid waste incineration
  • Investives to improve plant layout and to manage filtration problems.
  • Capture of high value dust such as gold, silver & titanium.
  • Undertake dust collector rehabilitation & maintenance engagements.